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Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.
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An ornament of curved leaves or flowers on a curving stalk, which is used to decorate the angles of roofs, gables, etc., primarily with Gothic architecture.
A bend or curve making a warp in the length of a board to create a curved edge.
Plumbing fitting which joins four lines together.
Cross Beam
A transverse beam. A beam placed across another or from one wall to another.
Cross Band
Veneer layers, in plywood, where grain direction is perpendicular to that of the face plies.
Cross Bond
Brickwork pattern where joints of alternating courses line up over the centers of the courses on either side
Cross Brace
Small pieces of wood that are used to add stability to the structural members. Placing them at angles so that they reach from the bottom of one floor joist to the top of the adjoining joist, bridging the floor joists. Alternately called cross bridging.
Cross Break
A separation or division that is across the grain in a piece of lumber.
Cross Bridging
Small pieces of wood that are used to add stability to the structural members. Placing them at angles so that they reach from the bottom of one floor joist to the top of the adjoining joist, bridging the floor joists. Alternately called cross bracing.
Cross Connection
Line connecting two piping systems.
Cross Filing
Alternating filing strokes at a 90-degree angle.
Cross Grain
Departure of lines of grain from running parallel to the edges of a board. They are either diagonal or spiral or a combination of both.
Cross Hairs
Crossed lines of fine wire, mounted on the front lens of a telescopic sight, surveyor's level, etc. to assist in precise aiming or centering of the instrument.
Cross Joint
Joint between the ends of two masonry units.
Cross Peen Hammer
Hammer with a head with one cylinder shaped head with a flat face and the other end wedge-like with the wedge having a rounded edge. This metal working hammer is used for chipping hard surfaces.
Cross Section
  1. A drawing or photograph of a plane surface exposed by cutting through.
  2. A vertical section of the ground surface taken at right angles to a survey line.
Cross Sectional Area
The surface area of a cutting to create a cross section.
Cross Shaft
Bridge crane shaft, which connects the drive, motor to a wheel at each end of the bridge and used to transmit power. Alternately called a squaring shaft or drive shaft.
Cross Spraying
Spray painting in directions at right angles to each other to lay an even coat of paint.
Cross Tees
Supports of the ceiling tiles used in a drop or suspended ceiling.
Cross Tie
Horizontal structural member.
Cross Ventilation
Use of windows or vents on opposite sides of an area to circulate air.
Having layers of laminations oblique or transverse to the main beds of stratified rock. For example, after a cut has been made, the layers can be seen from the side.
Bracing cross members between beams to strengthen a structure.
Tee-shaped hinge.
Wood grain, which runs irregularly in a pattern not along the length of a board.
Elevation, which is taken at right angles to the main surveying level.
Buried line crossing the line of a pending excavation.
Pedestrian crossing in a vehicular roadway.
A forked place as where a tree trunk divides into branches or any member branching out from a common base.
Small hook-like item.
Pry bar made of heavy metal, used for prying nails, with one end made into a wedge and the other bent into a hook with a claw foot.
Moveable arm, which connects to the bucket on a backhoe.
Crowding the Line
A masonry term for laying units so that they touch the mason's guideline.
  1. The highest part of something.
  2. Outward bowing of a board.
  3. Joint compound buildup over taped joints of wallboard.
Crown Molding
A type of molding, with a curved face and chamfers on the edges, used around the top of a room where the wall meets the ceiling.
Crown Plug
Screw-in plug used in a floor-mounted electrical box.
Crown Saw
Cylinder with cutting teeth in the end, which is mounted on an arbor and turned in a drill for hole cutting.
Crown Weir
The interior projection in the outlet side of a P-trap to aid in maintaining the water seal in the trap.
Framing installation of boards with the crown up.
Crows Foot
Marked survey stake, which shows the cuts and fills needed during earth grading.
see Certified Residential Specialist.
Monitor screen of a computer.
Container made of substance highly resistant to great heat, for melting, fusing, heating or transferring molten material.
Cross shaped.
Layer of dirt, filth grease or any foreign matter.
Raw or natural condition. Not refined or processed. Unfinished. Rough.
Crumbling Shoe
Shoe, which is used on a wheel trencher to push dirt back into the trencher, buckets so it does not fall into the trench.
Solid, rocky outer portion of the earth.
A refrigerant such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen or liquid hydrogen. Liquefied gas takes up less volume than when in gas form. Nitrogen liquefies at -320 degrees F and Oxygen at -297 degrees F.
Cryogenic Liquid
Liquefied gas.
Science dealing with the production of very low temperatures and their effects on the properties of matter.
A regulator for maintaining a constant low temperature. An insulated vessel, which maintains a constant low temperature.
An underground chamber or vault.

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